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Domino Toppling

We've all seen those amazing displays of a multitude of dominoes toppling over one by one.  Learn all about the obsessive pastime of domino toppling, here.

Besides social games, dominoes can be used for the absorbing and fascinating pastime of domino toppling.  Stand a number of domino tiles on their edge in long sequential lines, then topple the first one, which knocks the second over, which topples onto the third, which falls onto the next, and just continues in a chain reaction that eventually results in all of the dominoes falling, one after another.

Millions of dominoes have been arranged and toppled like this in huge displays of impressive domino lines and patterns that take several minutes or even hours to fall.  This chain of events with one domino tile toppling the next and so on, has become known as the "domino effect".

World Record Domino-Toppling

The Guiness Book of World Records has officially recognised domino toppling records since 1974 and since then the number of tiles toppled in new world records has increased from just thousands to millions of tiles.  An annual domino toppling event called Domino Day has been held in the Netherlands since 1986.   The 2005 event toppled over four-million dominoes. Another world record was achieved at this event in 2006 when 4,079,381 tiles where toppled.

Current World Record

13 November 2009 Domino Day: The World in Domino - The Show with the Flow Leeuwarden, Netherlands - 4,491,863

Try Domino-Toppling for Yourself

If you want to actually tryout domino-toppling for yourself, then there are some useful tips and pieces of advice, linked below, that will save you a lot of wasted time and frustration and help you become an expert in the shortest possible learning period.  Of course, first you're going to need quite a few domino tiles to setup.  Small arrangements of domino-toppling designs can be done with just a few sets of dominoes which isn't too prohibitively expensive.  If you can't buy domino sets locally then try domino-play's retailers and manufacturers links to purchase some online.  For the really large displays it is probably worth buying dominoes in bulk from a manufacturer which will still almost certainly cost a not insignificant amount of money.

Domino-Toppling Instructions...

Pressman Toys International Ltd. (the manufacturer of Tri-Ominoes) once manufactured a domino package called Domino Rally which was a collection of domino tiles and various mechanical devices for creating toppling exhibits.

How About Commercial Promotional Domino Toppling

Once you've perfected the art of domino toppling you may possibly wish to consider using your hobby/interest as a commercial venture.  Domino-toppling is a great way to generate publicity and public interest.  You could promote yourself and your skills to companies seeking a novel way to promote their products and themselves.  Local newspapers and the public love to see displays of dominoes toppling over.  You could incorporate logos, company names, anything you like in your designs and market them to businesses. 

Remember to work out how long it takes to set-up a display and to charge an appropriate fee for your time, skill, and domino tiles.  Just an idea, but if you really do have the domino-toppling bug in you, then why not get paid for doing it?     

Domino-Toppling Links

For a list of domino-toppling related links including links to actual video footage of some impressive domino toppling displays, try the link below.


If you are interested in alternative ways to use dominoes, then you may be interested in the link below:


You can even try stacking dominoes in a VR game or custom VR space online. 








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