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New Zealand Dominoe Gambling 9/2/2921

Dominoes have been used for gambling since their beginnings. Many of the earliest Chineses domino games fom the 11-century revolve around gambling with stakes.

Today you can gamble with dominoes online, in casinos and even at major domino tournaments offering large cash winnings as prizes. As well as Chinese domino gambling games Western dominos are often played for stakes. .

Many Point and Block & Draw domino games are played to a fixed number of points (say 100, 150, 200 or 250) and if you want to play for stakes, then players can simply put a fixed wager amount into a pot (or pool) at the start of a game, with the overall winner of the game collecting it once he has reached the target total.

An alternative method is for the winner of a game collecting a fixed cash amount per point for the difference between their point total and all the losing players' point totals at the end of a game. When gambling using this method, it might be a good idea to play for small denominations of cash per point (pennies or cents, for example).

If you want to gamble online it is a good idea to read a casino review website first. They offer allsorts of tips and information about the many online casino sites available: A good one is Casumo casino review. You can find all you need to know there.

Many domino games are skill based meaning the more skillful player will win more than a beginner. For this reason some people don't regard playing dominoes for money as strictly gambling because the results aren't strictly speaking random like roulette for example.

So if you fancy yourself as a good domino player why not give it a go for money. You never know it could make you rich. And even if it doesn't you could have a lot of fun and excitement playing.






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