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Advanced Blackjack Strategies that Can Boost Your Game

 Losing. Nobody likes losing. Especially is you’re a blackjack player since it can leave you fuming, cranky, and everything in between—for all the negative reasons—that is. This is most true if you opt to place a huge bet while playing blackjack, a casino classic. Now, you’ll be glad to know that you can boost your chances of winning by utilizing blackjack rules and basic strategies and putting a twist onto them to make your own advanced blackjack strategy. Below are some of the basic moves that you can consider.

Be Mindful when Taking Insurance

Yes. A vast majority of blackjack strategies out there tell that you need to completely ignore insurance and in some cases, it can be beneficial. However, if you find yourself playing a game where a deck of cards is utilized, then you can benefit from just taking out insurance. Mind you that this has nothing to do if you have a good or a bad hand, but it leans more on if you can do something covert with your remaining cards. Simply put, whether you’re Chinese Domino Game strategy or this casino classic, you need to be mindful if you want to win.

Utilize Composition-sensitive Hands

Although many blackjack aficionados can agree that basic strategy of the game can help you play well, the problem with it is the chart does not play a key role with regards to differentiating between ‘multi-card’ holdings and ‘two-card’ starting hands! For instance, a basic strategy chart suggests that if you have a 16, you want to use against an Ace, it is best if you choose “hit” rather than “stand.” This due to the fact that your chances of winning is going to be approximately 24 times out of a total of 100 times; compared to 17 out of a 100, if you opt to stand instead.

Use the Rule of 45

 Even if it’s possible for you to obtain a 10/6, most of the time, you can find that you can obtain a 16, which is, say, built up by about 3 or more cards. Also, it’s important to note that there can be instances where you may find yourself in a difficult circumstance where you’re against a 10. Even if you’re successful in hitting on your ‘16’ hand and accomplish an extra count of 2, you may still lose in the end. If this happens, what you should be after is a 4 or even a 5 card to gain a score which is close to or equal to 21. However, if your hand of 16 has 4s or 5s, then you’ve already killed one or two of the important cards that you need to achieve a higher score. For this reason, the possibility of doing better is quite slim. If this happens, it is better if you decide to stand than hit. If you like to use the ‘Rule of 45’, you need to bear in mind that it only applies when your hand contains a face up ’10’ card. Putting the aforementioned factors into consideration, take note that this particular rule should not be applied if the dealer possesses other high-up cards that are just not 10s.


There you have it, some simple strategies that can boost your blackjack game. With a little practice, you can be winning games in no time. However, you need to be patient because it cannot happen overnight. Also, did I mention that you need a little practice?

How about you? Do you have other blackjack strategies that you want to share? Give us a shout at our comments page.




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