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How to Play Pai Gow Poker

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Pai Gow Poker is partially a new table game that has primitive and old roots. It is the Chinese domino game, called Pai Gow, card variation, which was created at least one thousand years ago.

This poker game is notorious for its slow rate of play, where most hands conclude in a tie, resulting in a more casual game. It is not to say that Pai Gow Poker is not thrilling and gripping.

 With side bets, a wild card, dice, and strategies needed in every hand, it is clear why this poker game has become one of the favored casino table games. If youíre new to this, hereís what you should know.

How To Play

Pai Gow Poker is a table game of pushes. Players sit down at a table, either online or live, and they can play for a long time on the same stake. At the same time, the players get to move a high amount of money around.

The likelihood favors getting one hand per deal, making it an almost low-risk casino table game. Itís also a peaceful way to get in touch with fellow players. Whatís more, at the table, every player gamble against the banker.

 It means that the players typically lose or win together. Youíd love this game because if you are unsure how to set your hand, you can turn your card face up and ask the dealer. You can find many Pai Gow Online Sites to practice playing.

How To Bet

Like most gambling games, Pai Gow poker starts with the bettor wagering before getting any cards. This bet must be within the maximum and minimum betting limits of the casino table. At a few tables, players can make a Bonus bet on creating a premium hand.

In many gambling establishments, that is a three-of-a-kind or even better. The more advanced your hand is, the more the gaming house will pay out on your wager. The bonus bet does not rely on whether you win your primary bet or not.

Hereís a tip: Donít bet the bonus. It is more likely that youíll lose money in the long run, making the bonus bet.

The Deal

Once all the bets have been set, every player gets seven cards from the fifty-three card deck. Whatís more, though not all the seats are complete, the dealer will disburse all seven cards to each of the seats.

The remaining four cards are left face down as a discard pile. After the dealer picks up all the unused or muck pile hands, the players can place their two Pai Gow hands.


The players have to arrange or organize their cards into two hands. The front poker hand consists of only two cards, either a pair or two high cards. On the other hand, the back poker hand is a standard five-card hand.


If you get the joker, worry not! You can use it to replace a card in three ways, which are: 

       Any card to sew up a straight.

       Any card to complete a flush.

       The joker can be an ace.

Basic Strategy

How can you place a Pai Gow hand? Take note that it is a popular strategy or trick to split your hand in a way that will give you the best possible hand. For the two-card hand, you can only make high cards and pairs.

On the other hand, for the five-card hand, typical or normal poker hand standards apply. The five-card hand must supersede or outruns the two-card hand. For instance, if the two-card hand makes up a pair of aces, the five-card hand should be better.

Whatís more, the joker must only be used to complete a straight or flush. If none of these cases apply, it can be an ace. If you canít make a better hand with your cards or even a pair, perhaps you have a non-hand or a Pai Gow.

If the players place their hands inaccurately, the hand is either reset or fouled based on the casinoís house rules. Additionally, if the dealer is the banker, the cards should be set following the house rules.

 On the other hand, if any of the players is the banker for a specific hand, they have the right to set their hand. If any players choose to co-bank with the dealer, he or she should place their hand following the rules


Winning in a Pai Gow poker game is primarily reliant on how the cards are distributed since there are no betting rounds. Players are, on many occasions, faced with hands that they can set in different ways, which can have mixed results. The best and most moneymaking way to play the game would be the bottom option.

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