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Dominoes Vs. Poker - Which Online Game Will Be Best For You?

Many people donít realise that dominoes are a game online casino platforms offer, but this ancient game can actually be played for real money, and often for high-stakes payouts. Although poker is a more popular game at casinos, itís a much newer proposition, so people have been playing dominoes for far longer than they have been playing poker. Of course, both games offer their advantages and disadvantages when playing at online casinos, so making a decision about which one to play can only really be done on a personal level. Still, there are factors to consider when playing both. Letís take a look at whether online poker or dominoes will be better for you as a casino gamer.



Thereís a wide range of choice for both

No matter which of the two games you want to play, thereís lots of choice out there when it comes to online casino platforms. Both dominoes and poker are well-represented by reputable sites like, offering variants and classic styles alike. Youíre probably more likely to find extensive poker variants online, simply because there are more variations on that game than there are for dominoes. Poker is a more mainstream game, so online casino platforms will likely scramble to offer it to punters with higher priority than dominoes. Still, thereís a strong presence for both online, so you canít go wrong with online casino play whether youíre looking to play dominoes or poker.


Dominoes is more accessible

Poker has plenty of rules to learn, but dominoes as a game is a little more accessible. Thatís not to say that dominoes doesnít have its own quirks and rules to learn, of course, but youíll spend less time learning dominoes, making it a more appropriate entry-level beginnerís casino game. The skill gap between professional dominoes hustlers and amateurs is a little smaller than that of poker, which has myriad conditions and rules to remember. Of course, that also means that when youíve mastered dominoes, youíll find less scope for strategy on the higher end of the game, while poker offers more opportunity to keep improving. Thatís why itís a good idea to play both!


Poker is a longer game

When you play a game of poker - even if you play online - youíre in it for the long haul. Games of poker can routinely run for a few hours, while dominoes games tend to last less time. Usually, you can expect a game of dominoes to last around 15 minutes, so itís perfect if youíre looking for a bite-sized casino game to play and you donít have much time. There is a flip side to this, of course: poker is a longer game, which gives you more of an opportunity to recover from a loss or to observe opponents. The two games certainly have their advantages in this area, and which one you prefer will come down entirely to your personal circumstances.


Both games need a little skill and a little luck

Youíre not going to emerge victorious in the world of either online poker or online dominoes without some skill and some luck. You canít dictate certain conditions about either poker or dominoes, so some luck is required, but you can influence play in both of them if youíre smart and play to your strengths. Dominoes is also reliant on skill to a certain degree; knowing what to do with your tiles is crucial if youíre going to achieve victory consistently. Anyone can walk into a poker game or a dominoes game and get a win through beginnerís luck, but managing to develop a strategy in which you reliably achieve victory is very difficult indeed.


Online poker doesnít require observation

Unlike live poker, where good poker players can make a living, in which spotting tells and knowing what your opponents are thinking is vital, online poker doesnít have a face-to-face element. That means that itís level with dominoes online in terms of to what extent you need to worry about others. Both games have made it possible to ďemulateĒ tells with chat rooms, though; although tells are often involuntary, the same may be true of certain phrases or tics in virtual chat, so you can still look out for giveaways to a certain extent. Still, online poker and dominoes are both games in which the focus is purely on gameplay, while in live games you may need to observe your opponents to know what theyíre planning.


There is actually a ďdomino pokerĒ

If you just canít decide between poker and dominoes, then you may not have to; there is actually a game called ďdomino pokerĒ, which is effectively poker but played with dominoes. Domino poker uses the same basic ruleset as straight poker, with checks, folds, bets, and calls all central to making money in the game. Unlike poker, however, domino poker is - rather predictably - played with dominoes, so winning hands are slightly different. If you love the tactility of dominoes - even online, dominoes simply feel more chunky - then domino poker could be the perfect halfway house between the two games for you.

Itís impossible to state definitively which of the two games - dominoes or poker - will be ďbestĒ for you. It depends entirely on your personal circumstances, what youíre looking for in a game, and your relative skill level with both. You can have a great time betting online with both dominoes and poker, so why not give them both a try and see which you prefer?  







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