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Domino Poker Strategy

Here are some tips for improving your domino poker strategy. Use these and you will take home more chips and win more home games.


  • It's important to note that the ranking of the hands is different to ordinary poker. Many have the same name, such as straights and full houses, but how to make the hand is different, and the value may be too. For example, in Texas Hold’em, a flush is higher than a straight, whereas in domino poker the straight sixes are the second-highest value hand. This may be difficult for poker players, who have to unlearn the card game hands
  • Having certain dominos in your hand means you can eliminate some of your opponents possible combinations. For example, if you have three doubles in your hand then there are only two doubles left to have, so it is impossible that someone else have a four-of-a-kind or Royal Hand.
  • When people fold they have to reveal their hand, giving you more opportunity to work out what your remaining opponents don't have. Pay attention. Card counting (or domino counting) is one of your major advantages in domino poker.
  • It is actually extremely difficult to make the top value hands. There are over 1.8 million possible hand combinations, and only five doubles in the set, making five, four or even three of a kind quite difficult. There are only two possible ways to make a straight six, two ways to make a straight five, and two ways to make a straight four. As such, lower value hands are often good enough to play to the end.
  • Given that strong hands are hard to make, domino poker becomes a game of bluffing. Players try to take down pots by forcing their opponents to fold stronger hands. Be aware of this, and try to catch people out who are bluffing too much, by calling weaker hands. Similarly, if you see someone folding all of the time, as if waiting for a monster hand, continue to bluff them – because they are going to be waiting a while.



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