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7 Tips For Becoming An Online Roulette Pro


Roulette may not be the very first game that comes to mind when people think about online casino gaming, but it remains incredibly popular. Thereís something compelling about watching the mesmerising black and red wheel spin and hoping the ball lands somewhere thatís going to net you a huge profit. Itís not too hard to learn how to play roulette; the distance between professionals and those who just play for fun is not particularly big in terms of the actual skill gap. However, there are a number of things you should be keeping in mind if you want to become a master. Here are 7 tips for becoming an online roulette pro.



1. Learn the rules first

It might sound obvious to you, but many people neglect to learn basic roulette rules before they start playing and it handicaps them in terms of payout. Before you get started betting on online roulette, sit down for a while and read over all of the rules. Be sure that youíre not going to get blindsided by a sudden development that renders all of your hard work moot. Although itís true that roulette isnít quite as tough to master as games like poker, there are still a number of rules to learn and remember along the way that could trip you up if you donít know them. Make sure to stay informed before you get started.


2. Pick a good website

Youíll find that different roulette websites have different rates of payout and other things that differentiate them from one another. Becoming a pro at online roulette is just as much about making sure youíre playing in the right place as it is about actually mastering the game itself. Letís say youíre looking for roulette games to play from South Africa. If thatís the case - given the gambling laws in that country - you should do extensive research to make sure the roulette platforms on which youíre playing not only offer great payouts but are also friendly to South Africans and take into account the situation in that region.


3. Online roulette isnít physical roulette 

If you have picked a good, reputable online casino that doesnít simply want to divest you of your money, then you can expect absolute fairness from your roulette play. That means that anything youíve heard about weighted physical roulette wheels or different physics giving certain results an edge is completely inapplicable on the internet. Most good online casinos will use random number generation in order to give you a result, so youíre basically playing a ďwhich number will it beĒ game while playing online roulette. That doesnít mean you canít develop a strategy, of course, but it does mean that you canít rely on weighted wheels.


4. Donít get stuck in gamblerís fallacy mode

Are you on a lengthy losing streak? Donít worry - it happens to the best of us. Everyone has moments where theyíre not looking so hot in terms of consistent victories. The most important thing you can do if youíre losing hard is to simply stop. The gamblerís fallacy principle says that youíre more likely to think a win is coming if youíre on the end of a vicious losing streak, but that this is actually fallacious and that a win is just as likely as it always is. Always keep gamblerís fallacy at the back of your mind and donít let a losing streak continue just because you feel like you need to ďmake amendsĒ for it. Quit while youíre ahead - or behind.


5. Create a strategy

Your strategy, or system, is what gets you the payouts at the end of the day. With a game like roulette, a strategy is probably as simple as win-loss fluctuation; lowering the bet amount when you win, for example, to keep your bankroll consistent, or switching to different and more broad bet terms when you lose. Whatever your strategy might be, itís important to stick with it, but remember that many strategies, such as the Martingale strategy, are accounted for and accommodated by most online casinos, which means you may not enjoy the success with them that you should. Your strategy is your cornerstone, but donít be overly reliant on it for success.


6. Know different roulette variations 

ďRouletteĒ isnít just one game. There are a number of different variations on it which have different numbers and different payouts. For example, European roulette has only 37 numbers and does not feature a double zero. This doesnít necessarily mean youíre more likely to get a higher payout, though, because casinos will adjust their amounts to compensate for this. Youíll find many variants of roulette like this, so itís important to get to know as many of them as possible. That way, you wonít get blindsided when youíre looking to play roulette and you come across a variant of the game; youíll be familiar with it.


7. Have fun

When online casino gaming is no longer fun for you, thatís when you should stop. Although gambling addiction is by no means guaranteed - it only happens to a select minority of individuals - it can still happen, and the grip it can have on your life can be devastating if it does. Make sure that your online roulette exploits are always enjoyable. It is entirely possible to make a profit from online roulette play, but if youíre not enjoying yourself, you might find yourself making basic mistakes simply because you want to get this round over with. Thatís the wrong way to look at online roulette. It should always be enjoyable, so when itís not, know when to step away.



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